The Benefits Of Getting Sky Is You Get Options And More Value

Needless to say, Sky TV is the company’s signature product. Sky TV is the biggest subscription TV service in the United Kingdom. Apart from having everything that anyone may want for their entertainment, Sky TV has all that more that any person may want to watch be it films, sports and shows.

sky-q-largeIf you want to do recordings, catch-up, on demand, HD, 3D, online, mobile, the service Sky TV provides is up to beat with the desires of the people today. The Sky dish is present everywhere that no one will know it when they see it. Yes, even Grandpa.

Sky TV

The newest, and most cutting edge TV service is the Sky Q. Giving you a better set of main box and a great interface, the advance remote control has loads of features which include TV access, on-demand and recording possibilities, phone connectivity to play music, web videos and display photos. There is also an existing app to optimize your Sky Q enjoyment. Across any area in the house, you can have your fill of entertainment and more

Sky also has its broadband service. Though not as well known for this as it is with its TV services, Sky Broadband is the next popular broadband provider in the UK. It comes in three kinds: Sky Broadband Lite, Unlimited and Connect.

You get Lite free with Sky TV while with Connect, it is provided if you live outside the network area of Sky. Unlimited is of course, no limit of use.

If speed is your game, then look for Sky Fibre. Online gaming is one reason for getting this.Fibre optics is behind Sky Fibre making it the fastest wired connection possible. There are three options to choose from. The main one with basic boost is Sky Fibre. Sky Fibre Unlimited is next in line providing you with faster speed. And the Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro is twice the speed of the Unlimited option.

Sky Talk

Sky Talk is the home phone service that the telco provides in the country. Sky Talk Weekends, provide you calls inclusive to UK landlines on weekends. You have an option to bundle this with any Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre packages. Sky Talk Anytime allows you to use the inclusive calls not just on weekends but on any day you’d want. Sky Talk Anytime International gives you calls to 50 countries as part of its package.

If you are an existing subscriber of any Sky services, the telco offers exclusive deals. To maintain loyalty, these special deals or add on services are available only to the existing customers of Sky. Therefore, on top of the offers in an existing package, you will have more stuff packed in as skytvbetter value as a way of Sky saying thank you for being an existing customer.

Making an upgrade is easier than switching plus if you get more on top of what everyone else is getting from a standard package, that means you get more value out of your monthly bill. This is a signature of Sky to say they appreciate your business.

Adding Value

Sky is offering three months worth of free unlimited broadband for its existing TV customers. This offer comes with no commitment beyond the time period. It’s the perfect chance to dry run a Sky broadband to see how it works for you.

According to a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, Sky customer service has garnered a score of four stars out of five. Based on the survey, Sky was best with clarity of its pricing and billing, reliability and quality, its features on online security, router quality, activation of service and value for money.


Sky Broadband Provides Unlimited Data Benefits

The great place to start if you are after a truly unlimited and inexpensive broadband package is Sky Broadband Unlimited. The line rental included in the monthly price is affordable to most people. With an additional Wi-Fi and security software to boost it’s an offer which is hard to beat. Knowing the full details of this package will help you determine if this is the right option to you.

The current top choice for those who are looking for a great value in broadband service is Sky Unlimited, It provides many extras and based on speed tests, the performance is within expectations. Although compared to Fibre connections which many users now have used and enjoyed, its speeds is a tad slower.

Unlimited Usage

Sky Broadband provides unlimited usage enabling you to download and upload as much as you want. There are no fair usage policy in force or traffic management rule that are applied. There will be no surprises in the fine print. If you connect through the Sky contact number, a representative can explain all these in full details.

The advertised download speed is at 17 MB and close to reality, it runs at 8.8 Mbps on the average to 11.4 Mbps in best cases.  Factors affecting the speed will be the location where you live and the structure you have in your house or work.

The speed manifested by the Sky Broadband is still above the average speed for standard broadband service. This is based on the regulator agency Ofcom. What remains to be seen is if people can keep up with the network congestion during peak times. Given that there is no traffic management in place, still it’s worth noting what the dip in speed will be during evenings and weekends.

Sky Broadband Unlimited is considered fast and can get the job done but if the need is for more data intensive work or big households logging in multiple devices, then a faster internet connection must be considered.

Common information for the Sky Broadband Unlimited

Advertised download speed              Up to 17Mb

Average downloads (off-peak)           8.8Mbps – 11.4Mbps

Average downloads (peak)                  8.7Mbps – 10.6Mbps

Advertised upload speed                     Up to 1.3Mbps

Monthly usage limit                                None

Traffic management                               None

Minimum contract                                  12 months

Public wi-fi                                                 20,000+ hotspots via The Cloud

Prices                                                          Starts at £5 per month


In comparison with other broadband service providers, Sky offers a couple of nice add-ons making it the leader in business. Its unlimited usage is extended with the use of a public Wi-Fi network. This massive hotspots number into around 20,000 all over the country. It is managed by The Cloud. There will be notifications each time a hotspot is detected and you can use the connection and save the data in your gadget, be it a phone or a tablet. Just make sure you have download the Sky Wi-Fi app first in order to get alerts.

If you are using your gadget with no Sky app, using the network in a browser is an option. The public Wi-Fi will also allow you to use the Sky TV on the go without exhausting your data allocation.

Watching TV on demand is now mobile.